A problem with boards downloading

  • 10 December 2022
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Hi, Miro ( Hope anyone from the Team will see it, cause free plan users don’t have full value support).

About two days long I started have a problem with my boards downloading.

I use mostly desktop version and any of my 3 free boards can’t fully download (online version has the same trouble, and yes I’ve tried all the solutions you provides at troubleshooting page). I could relate it up with the boards sizes or a number of people working with me, but at least one of my board is pretty simple (has no pinned docs, heavy files, etc) and have the same problem, and there are no people have an access to any of my boards. 

So what should I do? Is there any hope that everything starts working as before?

There wasn’t such a problem till about the 8th of December. Every board worked fast and smooth.

Thanks in advance for your reply and help.

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