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  • 13 July 2020
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I frequently am shared links to teammates Miro boards, which always open up in browser and I think have to work back to understand where it is stored in my workspace so I can find it in the desktop application.

A link/button to open from the browser into the desktop application (or ideally, a method to directly open the desktop app from a shared link) would help speed up my overall workflow and cut down on confusion.

9 replies

This is super frustrating - yes please

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Yes, it’s very annoying that Miro board links (which often get shared in Google Meet chat windows or Slack) open in the browser, so I wait for the name of the board to be visible then copy & paste it into the Miro app’s search feature, choose/click the right result, wait for it to open again, and then finally interact with it.

Whereas if the Miro app registered itself as a handler for Miro board links then I could simply click it and it would open in the app, saving me lots of time and effort.

In the meantime, it would be good if the Miro board name was shown straight away, alongside the loading animation - that way app users like myself could copy & paste the board name a lot earlier, plus it would also help anyone else who needs to see the board name for any other reason, e.g. has a bunch of Miro board links and isn’t sure which one is which, so has clicked them all and currently has to wait for them to fully load in order to see the names, which is a real problem as I’ve often had to do that myself.

So… annoying that it does not do this automagically. Please fix. Asking with cherries on top. :-|

This is our biggest gripe with Miro as well.

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This started working for me in Google Chrome in the last few days - similar to how it pops up when I click a MS Teams link and says “do you want to open with the app” it started doing that with Miro and allowing me to open to the desktop app/set as default for that web address/file type. Maybe check your settings for your browser for permissions to launch apps.

I created a simple html file with a link to the miro board. Then clicking the link from browser prompts to open board in app



<a href=""> open miro board in App</a>



miro staff --- Could you share how to do what Ed Schaefer is doing?


I notice that sometimes I need to restart my browser (Chrome) for this to work.

I would like to enter a link to a Miro board directly in the desktop app.