Ability to import shapes and infographics from PowerPoint

  • 1 October 2021
  • 4 replies

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Microsoft powerpoint has a more powerful design interface for shapes and infographics.

To have the ability to directly import the shapes and infographics from a powerpoint into miro as native miro objects, would be a leap forward for the tool.

4 replies

Right now I help myself with drawing a shape in powerpoint and save it via right click as SVG. It’s absolutely limited (e.g. color) and in miro not changeable, but some kind of workaround. So I would really love to have a better import possibility and therefor I support this idea. thumbs up! 

This would be extremely helpful. There is a lot of PowerPoint content, 1000s of PPT files, so 10s of thousands of slides. Some of them are detailed workflows and architecture diagrams, so recreating these would be a huge task and not practical. This essentially ensures that the PowerPoint content will continue to be used and developed for anything that was originally done there. 

Even if it wasnt a perfect import, if it could cut down the time to recreate, it would then be a compelling option to move more content into Miro. 

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I am constantly converting Miro Post-its brainstorming clusters into PPT slides for management. Once they are in nice boxes in PPT I want to port them back and be nice in Miro, too.

It would be good to easily c&p between objects PPT <==> Miro as described by OP.

I agree - this would be immensely useful for moving a lot of training to Miro