Smart Diagramming now available on Consultant and Education plans!

  • 16 December 2021
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Hello community,

Our all-in-one diagram maker is one of the most commonly used solutions to align teams, create diagrams, and manage tasks, all in one tool. Now, we want to make it even easier for Consultant and Education plans to create advanced diagrams by offering you our Smart Diagramming solution. 

Starting December 16, all customers on our Consultant and Education plans will have full access to our Smart Diagramming solution, including several advanced shape packs (AWS, Azure, BPMN, Cisco and Data Flow). Customers on Business and Enterprise plans already have access to this solution. For more information about our plans, visit our plan page. 

Want to know more? Check out our mapping and diagramming help center for all kinds of tips, tricks, and resources to improve your diagramming process. 

Happy diagramming,
Turner and the Miro team

12 replies

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That’s good news @Turner Pijpers , thank you!

Will this upgrade apply to Miro Professional Network plan too?




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@SebastianC - There Consultant Plan is a part of the Miro Professionals Network program, so yes it is included.


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Thank you, @Robert Johnson !

That’s awesome!! Thanks a ton for actively listening to the community and showing commitment to individual customers! Way to go!!!

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Great to see that our collective feedback helped to get the right decision made!


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… and the consultants rejoice!! 


ok consultants… let’s get to work! We better see some SMART diagrams posted back here soon!

Let the diagrams ROAR!  

I’m still very frustrated with this change. We’ve been on the team plan for a year and we almost exclusively use Miro for AWS diagrams, to have that feature yanked from under us. 

We simply can’t justify paying $20 per person, that is more that Slack, Google Workspace and Notion combined. 

To make things worst we paid the annual subscription for our team, thanks for the lemon.

@Turner Pijpers hello!

When do you expect to extend BPMN elements library?
Catch and throw events, non-interrupting events?
A feature to change element’s text position instead of the only ‘below element’ default state.

Thank you!



I started testing the BPMN template for Miro, and I am a bit surprised that it seems to be lacking most of BPMN elements. I can only see the ones in the screenshot below:

So, take for example one of the main advantages of using BPMN Vs using a simple flowchart: the ability to use different types of gateways (exclusive, parallel, complex) , different types of events (message, signal, timer, etc...). But from what I can see in Miro, there´s only one type of gateway (the exclusive one) , only one type of start event, intermediate event, etc…

What happened to all the other symbols, which are the ones that compound the main benefits of using BPMN? Am I missing something?



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Hi @Pavel Pronin and @David Garcia Cortes,

Thanks for your questions and feedback. I’ve added a screenshot showing where you can find the symbols. Once you’ve created a BPMN shape the editing panel appears and you can add symbols. Let me know if you find anything missing still.

Happy diagramming,



Hi @Turner Pijpers ,

Thank you for the above reply.

Kindly check my questions carefully as it seems to me that you made an answer for @David Garcia Cortes question, not mine.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Turner. Great, I can see the options now.

Thanks for your help