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  • 26 October 2021
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Onboarding, OKRs, stakeholder mapping, retrospectives, presentations, and beyond! There are so many frameworks and methods for team collaboration. WIth our latest update, you can share your favorite templates effortlessly. Help your team find the perfect template and get started on next steps in no time!



Sharing links creates a quick, easy, and secure way to direct users to specific templates within your team’s natural workflow.

  • 👉 Direct team members to the right template within the product in no time with unique template links.

  • 📚 Use templates with confidence with extra preview pages for custom templates.

  • ❤️ Encourage the adoption of standardized processes by linking to specific templates within your existing workflows.

  • 👀 Understand which templates team members can access, with additional visibility into inherited sharing permissions.

📚 Check the Help Center article to learn more. As always, we’d love to hear from you in the thread below 👇

8 replies

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Hey Kristin, 

Great feature add! I’ve experimented with this and saw that templates are only visible for team members. 

In my context, it would also be super interesting if it would be possible to publicly share a link to a template. As a consultant, I already had multiple situations where I wanted to give access to a template to a client. In that case I always had to send them multiple boards with clear descriptions how they can add these templates to their account. If I would be able to just share a link with them, that would much simpler and would save me and my clients a lot of headaches. :)

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Great feature! 

It MUST be expanded to beyond people in your team/company.

I’m a consultant and want to provide my clients with board templates they can use with their teams. Providing them with RTB backup files they need to upload instead of a one click automatic creation from a template is not an acceptable solution.

when I embed a link for a template on a board and click on it

  • if I’m using Miro in my browser it works well
  • if i’m using the Miro app, nothing happens. The template doesn’t open. 

Is it a known issue?

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Hi @Maxim Dedushkov, Thank you for sharing your issue and helping us make Miro even better! The bug you found has been identified and the team will investigate a fix. 

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Totally agree that not being able to share a template link to a client outside of my workspace is limiting the workflow. They shouldn’t need to be added to my team in order to access a template link, especially if we both have paid accounts.

This scenario forces me to either pay for additional seats on my team to share templates, or hand over one-off instances of boards that will be re-used. It also makes the process of sending on updates to the template an unnecessarily manual and time consuming task. 

If you want to go for feature parity with the other M word, then good to note that they do this part quite well ;) 

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@Daniel Wirtz / @Lucie A / @Lech Guzowski - I put together this post on how you can share a template with any registered Miro user if you just use boards vs. Custom Templates. While this may not be ideal for every scenario, the pros far outweigh the cons.


I built a board that contains around 20 steps on a path with tools for users to use within each step. So far I have added small versions of other templates or own-built tools for people to use, that can be used by just zooming in. This makes the board a bit slower due to the large amount of objects. The benefit however, is that the board can work as a single point of truth about a team’s progress. This creates transparency and makes it easier for other people who are helping the teams. 

I now tried linking to a template from the Miro template library using “Copy link to share” from the template preview po-up.

Clicking on this link leads just to the Dashboard (i.e. overview of existing projects in my workspace). Is it possible to link to the template in a way that it will create a new board with the template, or opens the preview-popup? I can understand if a user needs to be logged in to be able to use it. The less-ideal alternative, that I can see, is linking to the public url of the template; In my example Considering that the users will most likely be logged in anyways, being able to link to the template preview with the possibility to click “use-template” seems like a much better user-flow.

Am I missing a detail, why this is not working in the way I intend, or is this a bug?
I would greatly appreciate any ideas.

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@Marcial Franze - Re: Sharing the Retrospective 4Ls template - One way you could improve the experience for your users is by adding the template to a board an sharing a link to the board in view-only mode. Once the user opens it, they only need to click on the board title and then use the Duplicate action. Note: You will want to make sure that the Board Content Settings are set to allow for your audience to copy/duplicate the board, e.g., “Anyone with the board access” if they are not a member of your Miro team.

Here it is in action (this board is in my account and configured as outlined above):

Here is an article where I talk more about using board as templates vs. Custom Templates: