šŸŽ‰ New Apps in Miro Marketplace - October 2022

  • 2 November 2022
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Hey Miro Community!

Did you know there are Miro apps that can help you work even better?

Check out the newest apps availableĀ on the Miro Marketplace - built by our developer community.

Try the apps today:

Update:Ā Color palettes now availableĀ inĀ PowerPack!

  • Create your own color palettes
  • Create shared team palettes that can be used across multiple boards (Pro version)
  • Discover 50 pre-made color combination palettes to save you time
  • Create & share color gradients & apply them to objects on the board


Who can solve it the fastest? Get the team engaged with Rijksmuseum Puzzles.


Find new images for your presentations with Refsee - AI Video Search

Bring your research findings into Miro with dscout

Visualize research sessions in Miro with CoMADO


Let us know your thoughtsĀ in the comments below ā¬‡ļø

Visit theĀ Miro MarketplaceĀ to explore tons of otherĀ apps and integrations, to fit your documentation, task tracking, productivityĀ needs.

Want to build your own app? Get started on theĀ Miro Developer portal.

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Still so very excited about this update!Ā