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Miro AI is Here! Join the Community Conversation

Miro AI is Here! Join the Community Conversation
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Miro’s What’s New product showcase may be over, but the conversations around Miro AI are just getting started! 🎉

Join our Community Forum to see what others are saying about Miro’s newest AI features that take generating stickies, mindmaps, and images to a new level!

To join in on the discussion, see the 3 community threads below:

  • AI Feedback - Let us know your thoughts on what was presented in today’s What New Webinar
  • AI Wish List - Have an Idea for Miro? Submit ideas to our community wish list
  • Miro AI Challenge -  Show us what problems will Miro’s newest beta feature help you solve for a chance to win!


Our entire team is excited to hear directly from you all and will be checking the comments and joining in on the discussions happening all week.


We can’t wait to hear from you–– see you in the comments! 


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Dear all, 


I got an email that now the Miro AI is unlocked and I can use it, test it. 


Somehow it still does not appear in my projects and boards. How can I enable the function? 


Thanks in advance!

Hi, this happened to me too, then after a day it went bad. See that on the EDU version it is still not implemented. I am using the Free version. It works wonderfully, too bad for the Italian language. HI

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I have been using Miro AI’s “Remove background” capabilities a lot lately, e.g., when designing a new gate to keep our toddler in the backyard (using it to remove the background of images from various Google image searches):

(Yes, that gate is incomplete and would NOT keep our toddler out haha)


Additional Use Case: Create Miro diagrams from images

It would be nice to import an image of a diagram from a competitor’s product, e.g., Visio or Mural, and have Miro create Miro objects (sticky notes, connection lines, shapes, etc.).

@Manouska How can I get a link to this webinar? I want to review to see where data security was addressed.

Thank you.