Import diagrams from Lucidchart, Microsoft Visio and (vsdx file format)

  • 20 July 2023
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Hi everyone,


You can now import vsdx files into Miro, this allows you to transfer diagrams from Lucidchart, Microsoft Visio, and into Miro, so you and your team can collaborate and diagram in one tool.

  • Diagrams are fully editable in Miro
  • Miro supports bulk import (import multiple diagrams in one go)
  • Continue diagramming in an easy, intuitive tool that your entire team can use

You can find a detailed how-to import from Lucidchart, Microsoft Visio, or on our Help Center.

Happy diagramming!


2 replies

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Is it possible to import diagrams? | Miro

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Hi @Christophe GESCHÉ yes! If you export to .vsdx from Drawio you can import into Miro.