unable to select specific frame and its objects - using CTRL + A or just use mouse drag and select

  • 31 July 2021
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Hey Folks. 

i have a board. 

In a board i have 10 frames. 

Each frame has very specific list of objects(30-35).

now i want to select specific frame and specific objects only so that i can copy and paste. 

please dont tell me to duplicate. because i end up spending time in deleting unnecessary objects which i dont want. 

i also dont want to select objects using multiple mouse clicks. 

how do i do it ? why mouse drag is not working here ? 

Mural does allows selecting areas and its object by simply mouse and drag and then copy and paste. 


what am i missing here ?


1 reply

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@Sanjay - Try Shift + drag to select multiple objects at once.

More Shortcuts and Hotkeys in the following Help center article: