Scaling connection lines/arrows

  • 29 April 2021
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I have an issue with the connection lines and arrows. When scaling higher than a certain percentage, the lines grow and arrowheads grow thinner and thinner in width proportionally. And when Ii scale it smaller, the line grows wide proportionally.


A wish would be: when I scale my connection line (with arrowhead) it stays the same width in proportion to it’s length. 

Here I go from 80 % zoomed in to 11 % zoomed out and back again: 


3 replies

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@Sara de Hond - I agree, this disproportionate scaling of various objects (connection lines, shape borders, etc.) all seem to be unexpected.

I would suggest combining the following posts in one Wish List Idea post to request that all aspects of these objects scape proportionately.


Having the same issue. 

There should be a way to have the object scale to the relative same proportion. 

Similar to outlining a shape with a stroke in illustrator, once the shape is outlined it can scale up and down and keep the same proportions.


I agree. Especially the small arrowheads when you have a zoomed out flow is a nuisance, you barely see them while you do see the line.