Onboarding multiple new users

  • 14 August 2021
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When onboarding new users, I see many neat templates. If I had 10 new members to get used to Miro, will I have to make 10 separate boards for them? Or when they open the template does it refresh for their experience?


Thank you!

2 replies

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@Amy Demas - The templates will not reset for each user. As you mentioned, you could create a board for each user.

You could also out all of the templates in one board. You could create a frame, put the template in the frame, select the frame and duplicate it (Ctrl/Cmd+D is a shortcut), rename each frame with your users names, and then send each user a link directly to their frame by selecting the frame and using Copy link from the ellipsis menu. Or have them open the board and use Ctrl/Cmd+F and search for their name.

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Thank you. That was exactly what I was wanting to confirm. I really appreciate the clarification.