Multiple Voting Sessions

  • 26 July 2021
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I’m hosting an ideation session where we’ll break out into multiple rooms, but we’ll all be using the same Miro board.

I’ve created the four voting sessions in advance, but my question is, will each breakout room be able to vote simultaneously on their separate boards? Or will we have to wait until the first voting session is over? 

2 replies

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@Sarah Wicker -

Unfortunately, using the native Miro voting app, only one voting session is active at a time.

However, if you don’t have too many folks in each breakout room, why not use dot voting instead? The added benefit is that if you export the board to PDF, the dot votes will be visible on the exported pages.



I would like to enable multiple concurrent voting sessions as well. I am running a hybrid real-time / asynchronous workshop. I would like the participants who can’t attend the real-time session to complete all the same voting activities within one week after the session. The ideal workflow from my side would be to enable multiple voting sessions, each with the maximum duration (ideally longer than 99h 59min would be possible). The current workaround is to recreate each voting session one-by-one every few days and notify the participants.