Link, frame color and where is iconfinder?

  • 30 July 2021
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Hello Miro Enthusiasts ;)

While working on the board today, a lot of weird things happened and it drive me nuts. 

  1. Link to templates.
    1. What I was doing : Create a board using a custom template. This board is heavily link to frame and objects. I have use the same template in the past and whatever I experience today, has never happened before. 
    2. So what happen? All the links in this board pointed to the template board :angry:
    3. Ok, what do I do then? Diligently update one of the link to the location on the board. Then something weird happen, and this baffled me! I noticed, the rest of the links are no longer showing the yellow miro logo (which pointed to the template). It shows the link arrow, and it pointed to where it suppose to go. Good for me yeah, but really - what on earth is happening? 
    4. Can someone please explain this to me? I am teaching Miro to a bunch of new users, how do I explain this mystery to them.. :sleepy:
  2. I can’t color my frame
    1. What I was doing? Create a new frame and wanting to color it. However, it just refuse to change color and remain transparent. I attempt this in both miro app and browser
    2. So, I did this. Copy and paste the colored frame from a different board. Guess what, the color went missing. The colored frame now become transparent.
    3. What on earth is happening? :sweat_smile: HELP!!
  3. Iconfinder is missing! 
    1. I swear it was on the toolbar yesterday, because I used it. Today, I noticed the iconfinder icon was no longer available on my toolbar. 
    2. It wasn’t on the default app list either. I used ‘search’, found it, reinstall and nope! I can’t add it to the toolbar. 
    3. Seriously, What on earth is happening? :disappointed:

Anybody else experience this?

If this help, I am using macbook, chrome browser or Miro app. Yes, I even switch to safari, it doesnt solve anything. 

Looking forward to favorable reply and conversation on this. Thank you.