"Infinite Zoom" stops at 400%? Surely that's not infinite zoom?

  • 2 September 2021
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I’m coming back to using Miro now, and I seem to remember that previously I was able to zoom in as much as I like, and add additional objects and stickers after having zoomed in… Am I manufacturing that memory?
It’s just that I often start anywhere in a project, and as I work, things get deeper and shallower, but Miro doesn’t allow me to zoom in any deeper on my ipad (or any other device), and the thickness of my pencil also doesn’t seem to get thinner so I can’t write any smaller if I want to dive deeper into a particular section.

Am I missing something? or is there a way around this?



2 replies

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@humbleambition - As far as I can remember, max zoom as always been 400%.

The only reference of “infinite” that I recall is to the canvas itself.

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hmm. Thanks. Maybe I’m confusing the app that I’d used. I’ll go looking for that one.