• 16 April 2020
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Hi guys,


I have a question for you.


I need to run a workshop on Miro, whiteboard, video-chat and all.


The only issue is that at a certain stage, I need to split the audience (about 14 people) in two groups. Each group needs to work on a canvas and be able to chat...without hearing the members from the other group.


What’s the best way to accomplish this? Do I have to create two boards, each with its own separate video-chat? Or is there some other solution?

2 replies

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@Simone Oltolina -

I’m assuming you will be using WebEx, Zoom or some other video conferencing tool to split the group? If so, then those tools would provide the segregation of audio/conversations. As far as the Miro setup, you could either setup separate team boards for each group OR give them different areas of the same shared canvas to work in.


Hi @Kiron Bondale , actually I was thinking of using Miro’s built-in video-conferencing tool so, yes, probably linking to 2 boards would be the best solution. Don’t think two frames/areas o on the same board could work because everyone would be listening to the every speaker, not juts his/her groups’s.