Embedded Miro Board Not Displaying to Public

  • 22 July 2021
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Hi all. I am on a free miro account. I have attempted to embed a Miro board into a Qualtrics survey. However, when people attempt to use the survey, the board says “Access Denied”. I have set the board to the most public settings available on the free plan. Is it just not possible to have the board display for view only to everyone?

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@Justin Huber - It is possible as I have done this here by embedding a board that resides in a Free Plan team into a Google Site page:

The board’s Share settings are:


I also added the following autoplay code to the embed URL:


As per the Embedding Editable Boards into Websites Help Center article:


If this isn’t working for you, all I can suggest is that perhaps Miro is blocking an iframe call from in certain scenarios/domains.

Are your boards set to the same Share level as my screenshot?

Are you able to successfully embed the board elsewhere and open that page from an incognito window?