Close and Open topics in presentation

  • 5 January 2021
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Hi. Please, how can I Close and Open topics in presentation mode?

I need to present my class and my topics in Mind Map, and it needs to be closed in start. So, I speak and do open while teach.

How its possible to do?

3 replies

Hi @Charles Bamam,

I’m afraid this functionality is not available in Miro yet. I will convert your request into the support ticket - the team will ask for more details of the feature you describe and forward it to the product team as a feature request. They’ll get back to you via email.


That feature, very important and useful.
I want it too!

I'm still using Xmind/FreeMind because I can't completely switch to Miro because it doesn't have that feature.

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I suggest that you vote for the following Wish List Idea:

Collapsible branches on the mind maps