Audio not playing back when presenting (Teams / Zoom etc)

  • 29 July 2021
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Im embedding videos (via vimeo) and sharing my board (share screen) via Zoom, Teams, Google meets etc. Audio plays back fine locally but recipients dont hear the media. They can hear me but not the sound on the video clips.


Is this a setting or permission that needs updating?

Anyone else encounter this (was working fine for me until the last week or so).



2 replies

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@damien_iso - Most of these video conferencing applications have an option that you need to select in order for audio to be included, e.g., I just did a test in Zoom and it worked. I had to check this box:

Note: In Google Meet, you can only share sound from the browser.

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Thanks Robert. Not noticed that option. Will try and find similar in Teams, Google Meet etc.