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  • 14 December 2020
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Hi All,

Quite new to Miro, but just started a 5 day online workshop using a (fairly elaborate - at least to us) board. One board, multiple frames for different activities. 

Sticky Notes, Notes, Comments…

How to keep track of stuff?  with a view to capture and post-hoc analysis. 

Stickys are nice and visual, but can you capture the text from them in a download?

Notes: this looks like a good candidate for a central comments and reply function: Its not a gratuitously spacial and colourful as Stickys, but you can CAPTURE it…

So, I was spending time copying some text on-board Sticky Notes, including any added comments and pasting them into the Notes section (as the participants did not want seem to want to be constrained to the linear notes format). 

I even took the time to add comments on the Stickys - as comments on Notes, including adding people’s names in @’s etcl 

And at the end of the day, I downloaded the Notes, only to find that they do not include any comments that were added to Notes…

This was not what I was expecting.

I guess I expected the comments to appear nested under the respective note, like a regular email or message board thread.  But no, they are just not there.

Oh, but they do appear in the left hand side Comments panel, but they are not linked to the Notes, and there appears to be no option to download from there anyway...

Am I missing something?

Any tips, experience etc. is very much appreciated.

All the best

(In the thick of it)


PS: Oh, our Board pretty much blew up towards the end of the day, as we had Participants with Editing rights. Despite locking down key elements, at some point there was some kind of cataclysm and there was stuff all over the place. We managed to limp to the end of the day. But there appears to be a balance of participative flexibility and power (authority) that we misjudged. This is where the spatial metaphor for Stickys and Notes broke down, as trying to find their correct position again is ….. hard…. (looks at watch…).   So, this might be a topic for another post….


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@Leo Caves -

Unfortunately, comments are not exported from any object they are attached to. There is a wish list item here which you can upvote to get this functionality added:


Thank you @Kiron Bondale for pointing out the thread/wish list.

(I did look for a relevant thread before posting, but missed this)

An 8 month old thread with 81 votes in favour…

We will have to change our guidance to users:  comments that you make may not be retained (for analysis) after the workshop.  That is, they could be, but would require manual capture, which is a question of resources. 

What strikes deep here is that I think that there is cognitive dissonance:


a Notes section, with a clear function for adding Comments.

A prominent Download option for Notes with options for .PDF or .DOCX, promising capture of the above


Just the Notes are saved, the comments are ignored.

Disappointment on a couple of levels:  

1/ A UI that promises something that does not deliver

UI should at least confirm “Comments on Notes will not be saved”

2/ An incongruent ethos

Welcome to Miro, your collaborative co-working space; Your interaction and comments are important to us - as you can see by all this functionality to capture your thoughts. Go ahead, express yourself...

Oh, by the way, we think its important to only capture a subsection of your thoughts….

That’s my experience. 

Once you learn about the limitations you can work around them (with costs - the participant experience, or massively increased post-hoc manual capture)

But to have such limitations revealed - that is a known issue in the User community, but recurs as a kind of initiation game  - for the users (or Board hosts), is not respectful of the user experience (a euphemism for … people).

Thank you to all

Best wishes


PS: Why does autocomplete for @ references work here in the Comment Forum, but not when adding @ references in Miro? Am I missing something?