Micro-interactions while collaborating remote

  • 13 August 2020
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Hi guys! 🏄

Since most of our team’s workshops and visual meetings became fully remote I started feeling that engagement of participants on those meetings became much lower. Partly because I have less control of their actions and attention, but I think there’s something about micro-interactions between people that usually occur during in-person meetings.

Like greeting a newcomer when they enter the room. Or finding a familiar face in the room and sitting right next to them to feel more confident. Raising a thumb up just to appreciate someone’s work. Just little things that don’t require a lot of effort but enable those tiny little moments of communicating your emotions, thoughts, reactions, stuff like that.

Does it ring the bell for you? Have you experienced something similar? Is there anything you noticed that impacts participants’ engagement heavily in remote meetings you conduct?

3 replies

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@Vlad Ponomarenko -

Good point - a lot of these simple, zero effort interactions take significant effort to implement using current collaboration tools. It would be great if Miro could be enhanced to include a low (no) effort means of doing so. 


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@Vlad Ponomarenko I have had the opportunity to play a supporting role in a few workshops using Miro, and when the moment is right, I would use icon finder or Google image search to throw some visual queues on screen while individuals were sharing or debriefing. 

I think it is a visual indication that makes folks feel like they were being heard, but it certainly adds a bit of fun and doesn't detract from the overall workshop goals. This was especially effective when attendees were introducing themselves and I was able to give their workspaces a bit of their personality. 

​​​​​​This is just one example of something that worked well for me. I could see limitations based on size or workshop design, but having a dedicated helper or two to do this could be quite effective. 





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This is a great theme

I agree the needs - I think our collective thinking hats could suggest a few ‘while there is less than we’d like in an ideal world’ idas together

For example - I haven’t tried in anger but How’s about an ‘Appreciation Palette’ placed in each ‘work-area’ and a “Show Your Appreciation” space - Any board intro could explain “Touch your colleagues with an icon...add their name” I could see other paradigms if you start a board with a Who is here? area for intros - Picture / Fav food-Pet-Music/ Location/ “Saying Hello to...” 


PS - my OCD objects that I cant centre the frame name with the frame - Please add the capability :)