Show Us Your Pets! 🐱🐶🐍

It’s time :blush:

We’ve already started sharing photos of our pets in different topics (for example, here is @Kiron Bondale’s puppy :heart_eyes: ).

Let’s collect all of them in one thread! Leave a comment with a photo, write a name of your pet. Funny stories are welcome :yum:


As for myself, I used to live with the cat Listik (a Russian word for a ‘leaf’). My story is not really funny: one day I became allergic to cats and dogs and rabbits (maybe somebody else), and I had to find a new family for my amazing, playful, tender, beloved cat.

:heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart: I can’t express my love to him! But we had to split up :sob::sob::sob:


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Awww @Marina so sorry you had to say goodbye to your cat!

This is literally happening right now on my desk… This is my cat Blake, he snores LOUD when napping in the sunshine. He has also slipped off the desk many times when rolling over in his sleep :rofl:

Thinking of name meanings too, “blake” is old-english for the color black.


Blake the cat sleeping on a desk.


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@Kyle.C -

Blake is adorable! My dog, Tux’s, original name the breeder had given was Rufus which means “red hair”. He’s black and white so I didn’t think that name really applied, hence Tux (short for Tuxedo).


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Rocky (orange, boy) & Gracie (grey, girl).

She came from a local cat rescue nearly four years ago at the age of 15 weeks. We adopted her counterpart, Rocky, a few weeks later at the age of 12 week from our local humane society. There was some hissing for about two days, but since day five they have been inseparable.


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@realrobertjohnson -

your cats have almost a Yin & Yang thing going on in that first photo - they are gorgeous, and great to hear that they are both rescue cats.


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The birb I have at my parent’s house, he’s about 22 years old right now, birds don’t seem to show their age.

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Here’s my sweet doggo, Pebbles.

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My little cuddle buddies Riggs the Beagle/Boston Terrier, and Biscuits the domestic long hair. Lovely fur babies that can actually stand to be near each other...well most of the time :)  Riggs is very cuddly (and lazy) and enjoys being on top of and under blankets, and Biscuits loves sleeping on freshly folded laundry every Sunday. Our pride and joy!



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Gorgeous photos, Jon - I especially love Riggs’ expression in the first!


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Here’s an updated, current photo of my little fluffy baby, Tux, after his first bath today. He is just under 4 months old and has gained a pound since we brought him home.


Sweeeeeet thread :heart_eyes:

Who else has their own Instagram page just like Pebbles? :smile:

@Marc Shecter I subscribed :wink: