Why would you recommend Miro?

  • 7 December 2021
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Hello everyone! 

I’m here with a simple question: 

Remember the last time you recommended Miro to someone - who was it and why did you do it? :nerd:

3 replies

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Good morning @Marina -

That’s an easy one!

I am an active contributor to Projectmanagement.com which is one of the world’s largest project management online communities.

A question was recently asked about recommended tools for virtual work and my feedback to the requestor was if virtual collaboration is required, Miro should definitely be on the short list of platforms being considered due to its low learning curve, rich integrations and thriving user community.


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Ooh I recommend Miro on the daily! Who? I can’t even remember who the last person was specifically. Why? I love describing how Miro helps us put our creative brains “on paper.” Using Miro for a brainstorm is a great way to see how everyone on your team thinks, so you can better leverage your strengths. Plus it makes meetings way more fun! 

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I run into lots of folks who are interested in facilitation and the first thing I show them about Miro is stickies - being able to have spell check on stickies, then being able to bring up the board or export as an image and it looks exactly like the meeting is a great visual memory for everyone - even the folks that didn’t attend.