Eliminating PowerPoint Enterprise-Wide

  • 24 August 2021
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Has anyone’s company so adopted Miro to the point of completely eliminating PowerPoint? 


If so, what was that process / decision like?  How has it gone since? 

9 replies

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@Robert Johnson  Ha!  Not really going anywhere… my motive is purely to learn what people are seeing out there in the company IT/tooling decision space … and how and when we’ll see complete abandonment of PowerPoint.  

I really do genuinely wonder what, other than - enterprise legacy adoption/IT path dependence, and Microsoft dominance, what PowerPoint still does better than Miro.  


And I’m curious, in what companies has the UI/UX differentiation become so noticeably drastic that whole companies or large teams in companies are compelled to make a value-driven wholesale switch away from it.  


And, yes, revealing an underlying motivation in asking: Yes, I would like to see less beautiful minds trying to express themselves into cognitive turbulence through the tool of PowerPoint… and more through tools like Miro. 


PowerPoint advantages…?

@Kiron Bondale  has some great points. Presentation mode could be well-improved in Miro. 


I can also think of . . . 

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Agree with @Robert Johnson - I think that there might be a blend between PowerPoint and MIRO for presentation purposes. The big win I think is when you can take the presentation in MIRO and have people engaged. PowerPoint will always be more for formal presentations where there is zero engagement with the audience.

Not a fan of animations in PPT, then again I believe less is more as I find people can tend to use PPT as a crutch. 

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as a former PPT-poweruser and someone who gave presentation seminars I really loved PPT.

But in my presentations and seminars I always interact with my audience so I used always bulletpoints or showed words 3 or 4 max per slide with a lot of pictures …

A presentation should inspire your audience


A presentation could tell a story


Every interaction was planned and highly designed before … sometimes I left slides out because of the interaction with the audience.

I moved completely to miro from PPT.

My presentation-style totally changed into more interactivity with my audience.

What do you have done as a kid?
What should happen today in this seminar, so the seminar is from your perspective perfect?

It makes my seminars and my presentations better, richer and there is no one leaving tired or bored

In our educational institute the teachers can make their own desicions which tool they use for their seminars.

Some are using PPT, some using Goodnotes, OneNote, Wacom Tablets, Padlet - and I’m using Miro

Since Covid and online teaching the workflow for everyone of our teachers changed totally - and even the not so technical person had to decide which tool he / she prefers.

For my seminars I am always using miro, never regretted that I’m not using PPT anymore.

Do I miss animations - NO

Do I miss timebased showing of words / elements on one slide / frame - YES

Do I miss a slidemaster - framemaster - YES

(Therefore - Framemaster - I created a wish - Please vote for it):
https://community.miro.com/wish-list-32/option-of-framemaster-same-as-slidemaster-in-powerpoint-5748 )



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@Max Harper -

I’d love to try that, but the limitations I’d experience are the lack of animation support for things like bullet lists and the lack of a true presentation mode where a facilitator could see notes which the participants wouldn't.


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@Kiron Bondale  … Is the animation of bullets the ‘fly in effects’ or more simply ‘reveal next’ ?

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@Max Harper - Where are you going with this? What are you working on now?! :astonished:

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@Max Harper -

I use a variety of the animation types and also heavily leverage PowerPoint's stronger design capabilities for images, shapes and text. The other factor to consider is offline editing which isn't feasible with Miro.


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@Kiron Bondale  This is a great list. Thank you! 

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@Max Harper - MS 365 is our corporately approved suite of tools and has been for a gazillion years - Miro hasn’t been approved by compliance, security, etc. As PowerPoint meets our need, there is no appetite to explore another tool.

PowerPoint also allows for easier sharing/archiving/viewing of presentations as not everyone has a Miro account, e.g., a copy of the presentation can be archived/shared via a SharePoint site.

And to echo Kiron’s comments re effects, there are some really cool ones in PowerPoint, e.g., the new Morph effect.