Cardsy - create Cards in bulk from selected widgets on the board

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Easily generate cards in bulk from selected widgets on your miro boards.


We all love miro, and I wanted to repay miro somehow for providing such an amazing product. 

So I made a plugin which is gonna be lot of use to me.

Do check it out maybe it might save some of your time as well.

I would appreciate any kind feedback.😊


Use case

You have filled your board with your precious ideas in various widgets like TextSticky, or Shapes.

Now, you want to take advantages of miro cards properties like

  • assigning a date (could be a deadline)
  • assigning a team member
  • writing detailed description
  • use them in your kanban framework.

Steps to use:-

  1. Select some widgets from your board
  2. Click on the plugin icon in bottom bar of the board.
  3. Done! All the cards are created with their title from the selected widget’s content.

You can freely use this quick plugin I made by adding to your miro board.


Add Cardsy to your board

Yash 2 years ago

Hello again everyone!

I am glad to announce that I have updated Cardsy. 

Latest Cardsy can now generate cards from Mind Map Nodes as well. @Robert Johnson, thanks for the suggestion.

Install Link :- Cardsy

Demo of Latest Update:- Video 


As usual, any type of feedback is much appreciated.
Btw, due to some technical reasons, the plugin icon will be now show in the bottom bar instead of widget menu.

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Hi @Yash 


Thanks for this, makes life much easier. Can you update on whether this will be available to select in the toolbar that appears when you select one or more objects. Saves having to navigate to the top of the screen.

Also, can we apply a keyboard shortcut to activate it?



I appreciate your hard work. Keep posting new updates with us. This is really a wonderful post. Nice Blog Very interesting and useful information on your website. Thanks for sharing information which is definitely going to help us.

Hi @Yash,


This is an amazing plugin! Thanks heaps for fixing the installation link. I confirm that the new link works and I can see the Cardsy icon on the top right of the Miro board now. 


I think the current pinned post has the old link. As a suggestion, perhaps it would be great to pin your post with the correct link? It’ll save the community time on scrolling to find the correct link. I was about to give up on the plugin until I started scrolling through the posts and saw the issue and eventual fix. :)