Visio integration

Hi, we primarily use Miro for process improvement kaizen events.  We do a lot of process mapping and swim lane maps.  It would be nice to be able to import and export Visio since the Visio mapping tools are much more robust.  Either that, or a tool similar to the new Kaizen where you can easily add rows and columns.  


Hi Gabriela, 

What plan do you have? , i don't have that option on my Miro yet.


Aye, that’s import. It’s the lack of export that’s an issue for me. 

Hi Gabriela, 

What plan do you have? , i don't have that option on my Miro yet.

I have ”Education plan”.

There should be an export too. Really need it both ways. e use it for consultancy and we have to create assets in the format the customer needs.

This feature should be a default one, not only for certain plans, it would also allow more users to migrate to MIRO.

Echo - Definitely need to be able to export it to Visio. 

Echo  this as well! Would love to export to Visio!

+1 for the Export to Visio!

Newer to using Visio for processing mapping exercises and collaboration - however, once we get the process down I need a way to export to Visio for a final version of our process diagram. Not having the ability to export to Visio creates extra work and is inefficient. Would love to get a response from Visio on the likelihood this will be addressed? 


We are new Miro users, but have already come into a situation where we need an export to Visio. We love doing workshops in Miro as it is really efficient, but in the end we have an issue with the “documentation” produced as we need to move it into the life cycle information system as a file on a format that can be edited for updates later, and PDF is not an alternative. Is there any plan/progress on this topic in the Miro product teams?