Stop defaulting all new Frames to white and remember last colour used

New frames used to default to transparent/no colour, and I honestly cannot remember if Miro would remember if I changed the background colour to something other than “no colour” and would create subsequent frames with my updated colour preference.

However, ever since Miro made the change to make every new frame white, I am constantly having to change them to “no colour”.

This behaviour is not consistent with the way other objects act during a Miro board session, e.g., Sticky Notes colours and Text and Shape colour/font/etc.


Please respect my frame colour selection and use that for all new frames created during that board session.


This is also jarring and annoying when I have now set the majority of my board’s background colour to grey/dark grey/really dark grey and every time I create a frame it’s, like, a Big Bang flash of white!

FYI: I have opened a support ticket to confirm if this is, in fact, the expected behaviour and will update this post with what I learn.

Update from Miro support is that the current behaviour is expected:

For frames, the expected behavior for color, whether you changed a previous frame's color, will be white since frames are also considered background. This behavior is different from sticky notes. 

Either intention or a bug, but now when I change a frame’s color, every frame I create thereafter is the color that I last chose. Hopefully this change in behaviour was intentional!