Option to make an entire object a clickable hyperlink

I use the Link to very often. While the current functionality of having little blue arrow at the top-right corner of an object function as the clickable hyperlink is absolutely sufficient, there are times when I could like to make the entire object clickable.

Example of the current solution using a button from the wireframe library (my use case):


What I would like to have happen is

  • the cursor turns into a pointer; and
  • be able click activate the link by clicking anywhere on the object.



I would like to see this new option be available for any object to a Link can be applied.

First time Miro user, been playing around with this app for 2 hours and this feature is the #1 thing I’ve spent time trying to create in my own boards. Really can’t believe this still hasn’t been implemented in the past 2 years.

This is a deal breaker in terms of me pitching to my manager towards getting an enterprise account and enrolling the rest of our team/department to use this. +1 all the comments above, just want the option to create “buttons.” 

I post also a review here, because It’s really a shame this functionality is still not here. It would be really great and let us be able to more personalized the workflow. 


We are still waiting for this functionality and hoping it will be added soon.

Just adding my voice, this feature would be great. We use Miro to do some very lightweight design, when a tool like Figma isn’t appropriate for the audience (co-design with a cross functional team). Right now we are weighing the ups and downs of going from Miro over to a different tool for basic interactive prototyping, but adding a second tool to a day long event would be disruptive. The linkable objects but with the full object being the hotspot would be perfect.

Yes!! Cm’on!!

How is this not a feature yet. So many other goodies, but to make the boards really interactive this features really needs to exist. 

2 years have passed and guess what? 🙄


Instead of creating many, many different types of templates, maybe an idea to roll up your sleeves and tackle this thing (with almost 200 upvotes)?

I can’t stress enough how much we have to work around the shortcoming of Miro not being able to just have a normal link like the rest of the UI/UX world! How many hours are lost explaining to people “No, there’s a link there. You have to click on the tiny arrow in the upper right, unless it turned into a favicon, then click that icon. Except on the web cards though. That’s a little bar floating about 50 pixels away with a different icon. No, we can’t make it bigger or easier to spot. Just squint and click on it. Yeah, I know it’s overlapping and obscuring some of the text behind it. No I can’t change it to a normal button.”

If the simple ability to choose whether to have the current link system, or hyperlink whole object to where it can either open new window or intra-board navigate, it would completely change our world here. Imagine the interactive possibilities. Or, for those that don’t want to imagine that much, just imagine not having to explain a completely non-intuitive, unprofessional, unnecessary re-invention of the wheel that is this current link system!

I’m not even asking for a button. I’ll make those PNGs myself. How about just a graphic that can act like a button via the link system. Don’t make the weird little arrow be the middle-man. Just let the graphic shine and be the button it was meant to be!


I came here looking for a button or option I was very obviously missing. Of course the links I made on the large objects in my board couldn’t possibly be limited to a tiny, unusable, almost invisible icon tucked into a corner.

But here we are.

Literally blocked on submitting my project because now my plan for a clickable index is shot. I honestly thought this would be the easiest part. Cannot believe this isn’t a feature.