Miro inside SharePoint Team Site

Hi there!

It would be fantastic if there would be an option to have a “miro” window in SharePoint Team Site. We are also using Microsoft Teams and there in Chat we linked our Miro board and that is really fantastic! Now, if we could only do the same on the Team Site in SharePoint….


Is there anything like this in making?




I second this...I currently am the only team member that uses Miro and would love to share the docs through Sharepoint or even get other users to join in from there.
My organisation is quite large and you have to really fit in the system, not the other way round.

Currently Miro allows to share boards to SharePoint via public link. This is good for public information but we cannot use it for company confidential information. We would like to have functionality that user can access boards from SharePoint using his/her SSO credentials. Similar functionality is already available for the Atlassian Confluence and Microsoft Teams. Miro please create a plugin for SharePoint.


I second this idea as well. It would be great to be store a board in a research repository or library.

Has there been any update on this? I want to create a Sharepoint Site - and have this be an interactive page on it to track project details

Any update on this?