Export to SVG

If you want to export a piece of board to insert it, let’s say, in a PowerPoint file, the jpeg or the pdf doesn’t look right. However, if we an export to a SVG, it look perfect and it’s pretty easy to make it fir nicely.

So, it would be great to have the opportunity to export to not only to JPG but also to SVG

I’d love to see SVG export available as well. PDF is appropriate for a complete document but not really for an isolated diagram. SVG is much better for embedding in formats like PowerPoint, GitHub and Markdown documentation, etc.

My group and I use miro for documentation purposes. PDF file do not work for me, JPEG files blow up the size of documents while sacrificing on quality. SVG support is critical for us, we are ramping down use of Miro as we are looking into alternatives. 

Awesome idea. An SVG can easily be converted into raster format (e.g. JPG, PNG, etc). Converting an existing raster format image into a vector format is not that easy.

I wonder why Miro chose to support PDF as an “image” format? Yes, the result does scale up. However, I can’t copy and paste the content. Equally, most (if not all?) programs that allow importing images do not consider PDF to be an image format.

For file formats that are considered image files formats, the wikipedia article on the subject might be helpful.

And why JPG instead of PNG? PNG is superior for vector data, and no need to export at insane DPI to avoid compression artifacts, as with JPG. Oh, and supports transparency. We basically have to recreate any diagrams from Miro in OmniGraffle if we want to use them in marketing or proposal materials.

I use the PDF feature in high quality to extract SVG with Illustrator. However, the process is dedious and intense. I wished, it would be possible, to Copy as SVG (additionally to “as image”), that’ll make the process slim and fast.

In my case I noticed because I was jus trying to extract information from a state diagram I created to ease the implementation… And was surprised, no way to extract an SVG so I can use default libraries to parse the model. Strange…
Keep looking, no vector pdf, no nothing… just raster graphic formats.

Soooo basically if you do anything on Miro, it will be on Miro forever. Classic vendor lock in tactics…. So well. Will have to move.

Very Bad Miro, very bad. 

Lost a lot of hours on this….. 

I guess is my fault for not checking beforehand… But who would imagine an vectort graphics app with no vector file support.

Let’s re-do the work on Figma

I like Miro to initiate flow diagrams, on a shared board.
but when i have to present a change between 2 processes,
an animation like in Powerpoint or Google Slides, even Draw.io, is more efficient. 
that’s why i would like to be able to export diagrams to SVG format, so i could split the elements of the diagram to put the animations.
otherwise, develop an animation tool in MIRO !

Export to SVG is essential for creating tables and simple schematics, embedded into Markdown documentation.