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Hi, would be great to be able to export board PDFs using API requests. That would definitely make my life prettier as a Miro user.

@AnTi English can you please expand on your use case for downloading PDF from an API? 

For backup and persistence purposes, for example. Or what is your suggested way to do so?

My use case is that I send participants follow-up emails after an online workshop with attached PDFs of each the three frames where they did their activities in the workshop.

The participants get these PDFs as a persistent record and reminder of what they did in the workshop.

Currently I have to go and manually download PDFs for each frame --- this is both effortful and error-prone when I do it after having done ~30 workshops.

Our use case is very similar to Ulrik’s: we use Miro to run courses/workshops. After the workshop, we export the board and all frames individually appear wonderfully in a PDF (compared to Mural). Course students are super happy.

The instructor/trainer/facilitator have to do this manually though.

The instructor already tells our system today when they’re “done” and want all post-processing to kick in, and one part of this is what we want to ...

  • export the board in high quality
  • apply our own compression (and watermark/stamping) to the PDF
  • send out (potentially individual PDFs to attendees, for IP tracking/protection)

We want this workflow 100% automated. We have all parts in place, except for the “export Miro Board as high quality PDF” which is now handled manually and uploaded to our LMS-like system.

I really need this feature today right now. That is how important this feature for me.

Our company has taken a Enterprise plan. Now we have integrated Miro board into our project app as a embedded board. Our app will be used by so many users and they use the embedded miro board to design the plans of their own. After this the user is expecting to have and download an image of that plan they just created in Embedded Miro Board. We have no way to provide that image or pdf form of the Miro board for the user to download. Because there is no API to get the PDF or Image format of a Miro board.


Please take this as a high priority feature. As a person who paid for your service, I feel really sad that I don’t have this feature to use. 

Our use case is to dynamically embed frames in other sites without having to manually export them one at a time. This will be a very valuable feature for us!

+1 very Valuable for our customers

Hi @Stacks and everyone! 

Thank you for sharing all of the ways this idea could create value with you in Miro. Please continue to share your different use cases in the meantime as it is very helpful for our team. 


I am linking to this article about API options for those on the Enterprise plan that I hope is useful.

Hey @ElvaMiro thank you for your help and ty for pointing out the board export job, we consider using this and cutting out certain ‘pages’ because when we do not need an export of the whole board.  Sorry for my late response, maybe “very” valuable was exaggerating a bit, we’re not that sure yet 😛, our use-case:

We have board that faciliates an onboarding Journey, it is designed such that each ‘Step’ of the flow also potentially resembles a singe page of a paper-ish document.

The board is tightly coupled to our own app (it writes data to the board), tech-savvy organisations/users progress themselves through the app, but we encourage exporting their current ‘state’ of their Journey in e.g. pdf-form to get other stakeholders up to speed. Hope this helps :p

TLDR; When we write data to a specific frame, it would be cool if we could export this specific frame so that our customers can easily share this ‘updated’ page as pdf.

For what it’s worth - please let’s not forget that there are many tools on the market to automate browsers. One of them is Selenium.

OK - obviously a built-in solution in Miro would appeal to many in the posts I’ve seen above.

But if you really want to get something done and are under time-pressure to do so, a user can install a browser automation tool, and as long as the buttons all stay in the same place “Export this Board -->Export as PDF-->High quality” then is should be rather straightforward to automate this process.

(But be careful: “should be rather straightforward” or its German equivalent “sollte eigentlich funktionieren” are very famous IT phrases that usually indicate the OPPOSITE case!”

Good luck!