Ability to resize the Video Chat window / Full screen Video Chat

Hi everyone, I have been using Miro for a while now but never realised that there is an active community here. So good!

One of the reasons that I work with Miro is the Video Chat. It has been essential to my job.

I think it would be great if it was possible to resize the video chat windows, including a full screen option.

Is that something that you would be interested in ?


Make video windows larger when in video chat (as an option).
Then the board could be the catalyst for the conversation rather than always the focus of it. 

hey @Marina adding to this thread: I would like to use Miro to host a workshop. Typically the primary focus is the board itself, but occasionally the primary focus should be a person speaking, showing or telling the group about something that isn’t on the board itself. In that context, it would be ideal to be able to make that participant’s video larger so we can bring our focus to them. 

I came here looking for the same feature!

TOTALLY. My company uses Miro for programming interviews & some sessions use the whiteboard, but others don’t. For the sake of candidate experience, we’re sticking to just Miro for the entire interview. It would be amazing to be able to enlarge video chat for sessions that don’t need the whiteboard; some of our interviewers have poorer vision & it’s hard on them to squint at a screen for a whole hour.

video window size is a great way to demonstrate the priority of the person speaking, to ‘give them the floor’. Also, presentations/meetings have many contexts, and in many of them the speaker is the focus, not the content (Q&A, intros, transitions, etc). In these contexts the content is actually a distraction, and it should be possible to de-emphasize. 


Thanks for considering!


Also Hi @Alexis Luscutoff !  

would like larger video chat window to do demonstrations of drawing to class from Miro workspace.