Shall I create a new board or a new frame?

Hi, I’m currently designing a workshop for a client. We will have 50 participants divided into 10 groups. Should I create one board per team or have everyone in the same board? 

I’m not so sure I get the added value of both options


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@Stephanie Bacquere -

This is a common dilemma - it really depends on how much interaction there will be between the different groups. For example, if the work of each group will be consolidated at regular intervals, then you may benefit from a single board with clearly differentiated areas in it for each group.

On the other hand, if the majority of the work being done is independent, you could go with individual boards to keep participants focused and to avoid someone ending up in the wrong area. You can always copy content from one board to another if there was a very rare need to do such consolidation.

Given that you have 10 groups, if you will be the sole facilitator, I might suggest going with the single board approach simply because it will be easier for you to keep a “bird’s eye view” on what’s going on by zooming sufficiently out. You can still do this with multiple boards (one per team) by having each board open in a different browser or app tab, but the switching effort might get inefficient with that many groups.


What Kiron said, plus if there’s a confidentiality aspect of the different team’s information then you’d be best to split them across boards.