Confused over licensing in Consulting Plan/Free Plan

Hi, maybe I need more coffee but i’m struggling to understand the pricing system here…

I’m a consultant, CRO and copywriting. Typically I’ll have a single client on the go, sometimes two. Rarely three.

Right now i use a project management plugin (WPProject) for Wordpress in a subdomain, for collaboration, file sharing and such, and that let’s me keep different clients away from each other. I understand the Consultant plan does the same or similar.

Where I’m confused is the whole user thing.

What exactly does “1+” mean? One plus what? I can have more than one? I can’t have more than.. me? So how do I consult? One client? One plus client..? What?

So there’s me, that’s $15, but if I have a client, which would seem the point of a consultant plan, is that another $15? Or is one (plus?) client included?

With my current system I can assign a client the role of ‘Client’. Easy. Clients can comment and stuff but have limited rights. 

I’m trying to figure out if I’d actually have to pay twice, for me and again for the client, maybe 3 times if I have 2 clients, possibly 4 times if I have 3 clients? 

I typically work with clients for about 2 or 3 months, so day passes would be useless but I don’t need yearly either. 

I think, maybe, all I need is for a client to view and comment, but can I keep such free users away from other clients?

After a video or two and a few articles, and searching the forum, I’m still somewhat bemused, and still don’t really understand what “1+” means?




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Hi Alan,

so you pay 15$ for yourself.

For clients you invite to your board that are not able to edit you will have to pay nothing.

Everyone you invite to your board can see and comment it.

If you plan that someone is able to edit you have to pay

  • either 15 $ for each additional user per month
  • or you choose for a day pass for 3 $ per day

Yes Miro is fully GDPR compliant.
Just check out this site:

For details about the consultant plan and details including day pass check out:

For additional information about user rights ceck out this.



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Another quick question while I’m here, is Miro GDPR compliant?



OK… so I guess I need to raise a support ticket. Mmm.

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Hi Alan,

so you pay 15$ for yourself.

For clients you invite to your board that are not able to edit you will have to pay nothing.

Everyone you invite to your board can see and comment it.

If you plan that someone is able to edit you have to pay

  • either 15 $ for each additional user per month
  • or you choose for a day pass for 3 $ per day

Yes Miro is fully GDPR compliant.
Just check out this site:

For details about the consultant plan and details including day pass check out:

For additional information about user rights ceck out this.



Hi, thanks for that.

So it’s $30 a month then, for one client.

I have another concern… I should start a new thread I guess.



Have subbed to the consultant plan and talked an old regular client into giving it a go.

Will see what happens...

I have been a little confused by the announcement on April 15th yesterday.

I understand that I can invite an anonymous guest (client) to participate and edit a board (providing it is public) with some restrictions without charge.

Could you please confirm this is the case.



From announcement 15 April

Guest Editors vs. Day Passes

Public access to a board gives you the opportunity to immediately start a collaboration session with all people who have the board link, so feel free to invite Guest Editors for a workshop or a brainstorm session. 

Use Day Passes for a short-time work on a specific private project as Day Passes allow you to give access to your content to a particular registered user and revoke the user's access at any moment.

I am new to Miro, and I am a Consultant.  . .  I am still not clear on how the access works for free v consultant licensing ?????  i.e. when it makes sense to upgrade from a Free to Consultant license?

If I want to have multiple clients (aka private work spaces) where I need client team members to collaborate on ‘bottom-up’ elaboration processes. . . would I be charged for each user I need to involve - at a per/month/user basis?   (such as running virtual design-thinking workshops

And if so, .. . . how does Miro identify when that engagement has ended?

My understanding is the alternative option is to invite ‘guest’ users to edit/interact - and if so, is this charged at a $3 / 24hr rate for users to edit if on the Consultant license?  Or the alliterative is to enable a ‘public’ link for non-paid . . . unidentifiable members to collaborate?

i.e. if I am working with a client for 8-12 weeks, how does the pricing work for including users that can add / edit post-its notes,  etc , to a board during the time of the consulting engagement?

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Hi Jenny,


if you work for more then 3 clients a switch to Consultant plan is needed because miro offers you for the free plan only 3 boards.

Shure you can work with one client over 8-12 weeks on one board, delete the content and invite an other client when you done … 

Additonal you have the option to save your own templates.

This is the most used feature in my settings (I have a Consultant plan, too).

I designed different templates that I can make available with a single mouseclick while I’m talking to my client.

So if I ask my client:
Which good things happend to you today?

I place this template to my board … and he places the answer into it:


If you got only your free account you can place this of course as a frame into your board but you are not quite as flexible as you are when you using templates.

And one big andvantage:
You’ve got as much boards as you have clients and more.

This gives you even a better flexibility.

The voting tool is even a good tool to work with … the features that offers you the Consultant plan are much richer than i can tell you here …


The billing:
I work with clients also a longer time together but the question is:
Is your client every day on your board?

If so, maybe it would make sense to switch to the Team plan.




Hi mlanders - thanks for all your responses here.  If we only have one board, but are facilitating it for around 15-20 people for one workshop only (don’t see future ones in the next couple of months or so)  - i and would like each of these people to have the ability to edit and move things around the board - what would be the best option?  We have a consultant helping to facilitate this for us - should we just have a consultant pay for other $15/month and we all get invited for free? Or will we not be able to have edit access in which case we should go with the team or business plan? More clarity would be helpful.  Thanks!

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Hi @Stephanie Liu ,

I do not know which plan works best for you:

Additionally I would test the ability to invite via the free editing mode where your customers can edit content:

The only downside is the security aspect:

But I would test it 



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I’m confused about the Consultant Plan.

So I switched from the free version. Yes, I can now have any number of boards, but before I could invite contributors.

It feels that now that I’m editing I’m getting a worth deal, i.e. I cannot invite any editors at all…

Somehow that feels like I’m worth off than before…


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Hi @Marcel Britsch ,


I can only link to my user-community colleague:



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@mlanders thanks.

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Hey guys, just wanted to share my story and thoughts about the Consultant plan and the suggested password protection feature for boards accessible via public link-Feature (see link below) with you. But first of all: I’m a huge fan of miro (since the realtimeboard days). You guys are doing a great job, so please consider that when reading this ❤.


As a workshop facilitator (UX/UI Designer), a few things are most crucial for my remote work with clients:

  1. security of my clients data
  2. seamless onboarding for all workshop participants
  3. clients access to the board for about a week or two after the workshop


  1. Security of my clients data + 2. Seamless onboarding for participants:

That being said, I can’t take responsibility for my clients data if it is accessible via public link without any password protection or sign-up. Even if the link has a realitvely cryptic name, pure brute force and other security reasons make this a very insecure way to share critical client data (not an expert on this, but it feels realy insecure to me).

I ran a 5 day Remote Design Sprint Workshop with 7 participants last week and the only workaround I found to set up a secure, password protected board was to set up 7 additional E-Mail addresses (“”, “”, ...) with my own business E-Mail domain and add 7 additional members in my Miro account (+ pay for them).  I did not want to have the users go through the setup process for their own account, since the workshop requires a lot of onboarding anyway + the users will usualy not choose a secure password, so the access will be unsecure again and I will kind of be responsible for that... This took a lot of time and effort as you can imagine, as i had to send every participant their username + password via 2 separate channels to keep up security.


  1. Clients access to the board for about a week or two

The Consultant Plan and its day passes were no real option for me and seemed to be too complicated, more expensive than a team license and didn’t provide the abbility to grant access to the board for all participants after the 5-day remote design sprint workshop. + I don’t want to spend my time renewing day passes and answering requests for access to the board. So for my personal workflow, the Consultant Plan and its day passes are not a real option. Typically about half of my workshop participants will check the board about 1-2 times after the sprint within a time span of about 10-14 days.

(By the way: this information in the pricing plan left me with a lot of open questions: “Control accesses for team members and external collaborators“. Maybe you can explain this a little more in detail )

After my workshop I now have to cancel all of the 7 participant account subscriptions, and if I host my next 5-day workshop, I will have to go thorugh all the unefficient setup again + change all participants passwords and share the accounts with the new clients.(I guess you understand, that I don’t want to pay for inactive users, as I only run about 5-6 design sprint workshops per year.)


In a nutshell:

  • For some, the password protection feature for public link boards might seem to be just a small feature, but for me as a workshop facilitator this is crucial (for all the small and big reasons mentioned above). I would love to see this feature implemented soon ❤.
  • I guess the Consultant Plan (pricing + functionality) needs to be updated. From what I read in this thread, I’m not the only one being confused about it. But as a UX/UI Designer, I’m totaly aware that you have a much wider knowledge about the reasons you set it up that way, so this is only my personal view, based on my experiences and the little data that I have so far.


Maybe I got my workaround wrong and could have solved this in a better way. So any suggestions are totaly welcome 😉.



I hate to say this but I just checked Mural and they already have this feature implemented (Possibility to share a public link to the board + set a custom password to access it) so I’ll have to consider switching to their service for my next workshops, which would be totaly sad 😞 since I’m a huge fan of miro (since the realtimeboard days) + I’ve set up all templates for my workshops in here. :P


Thanks for listening.

Cheers, Ferdinand

Freelance UX/UI Designer & Design Sprint Master


“password protection feature for boards accessible via public link”-Feature

Right Ferdinand!! I currently have the Consultant plan with my clients but I don’t see the difference between the ‘unlimited anonymous board editors’ feature on the Team plan and ‘full-access for occasional users with day passes’.

I mean, If I use the Teams plan, my clients can access their boards/projects as anonymous editors instead of one-day editors (day pass) with the same privacy and secure workspace. I don’t see the value in getting the Consultant plan when the Teams does basically the same and a bit cheaper.