New to Miro? Check out our weekly webinar!

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Hey everyone! 

I’m Matt from Miro’s customer education team. We’ve started up a weekly Getting Started with Miro webinar at 8am PDT every Thursday. We cover all of the following with a very active Q&A at the end! 

  • Popular use cases
  • Basic content creation
  • Templates and custom templates
  • Collaboration basics
  • Integration overview
  • Navigation
  • Where you can learn more! 

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Thanks for the introductions to Miro! Is there a possibility to get to watch a recorded version of a webinar?

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Hey @lindaveronica ! 


You can watch the recording here. Additionally, the link above will always let you sign up for the next upcoming webinar. Enjoy! 


Kind regards, 


Hi Matt, I hope you are fine!


Could you please also consider our teams in China? There are 15 hrs time difference and unfortunately, they are not able to watch any video/recordings from Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Lots of restrictions in China…

I’m struggling to find a solution for them. what about adding some webinar sessions to the time that they can also join (like 5-6 p.m.)? 


Thank you!



I didn’t receive an email with the webinar details. Are you able to share please? Thank you!

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Hey @Clair! You can register for the webinar with the same link that is in the original post! Be sure to accept the Terms of Service to save your seat. If you don’t get an automated email from Zoom, check your spam folder. 


Kind regards, 


I clicked on the link to watch the last recorded webinar, but it just took me to a page to sign up for the next one.  Can i have another link, please?  I’m already signed up for next Thursday’s, but really want to watch the last one first.

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Hey Joe! 


Thank you for reaching out. Here is the recording of one of the last Getting Started with Miro webinars.


Hope this will be helpful. And see you on Thursday. 

Anna, Lifecycle Marketing at Miro 

Hey @Matt Mulholland @Anna ,


Thank you for conducting these sessions. I had attended last week’s, 17 September webinar. How can I get the recording of it?



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Hey @Akshat Kumar , sorry you didn’t get the email! 😞 but here it is:


Best of luck!


No problem!

Thank you @Matt Mulholland .