V-MUG04: Rapid Visualization of Qualitative Research: From Excel to Miro | Recap

  • 3 March 2020
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Hey everyone, here’s another recap! We had our 4th NORAM V-MUG on February 19th with Natalie Mandriko, Product Manager at WeatherBug presenting. Natalie presented a few real-world examples of Miro boards she and her design team have created in the past. These boards helped to synthesize the qualitative research and engage teams to take action.



Here are a couple of questions that were presented during this V-MUG. Would love your input:

1. One of the values of affinity diagramming in a physical space is the unspoken social queues that come from people in a space to keep things constructive. How do yo manage this dynamic in an asynchronous tool like Miro?

2. What information is most important, the volume of comments related to a particular theme, or the impact of the ideas?


If you would like to watch the recording please click here and let us know your thoughts. 

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