Tools for High- performance Teamwork: let's continue the conversation! 🙌

  • 9 February 2022
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Hi all,


Tools for High- performance Teamwork interactive webinar is going to be a lot of fun!:heart_eyes:

Let’s connect here after the event and continue the conversation & ask questions. :nerd:

I will also share some useful materials here soon after the event. :bulb:

See you all soon!


Link to the event 



7 replies

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Loved this workshop, very helpfully to set basic team grounds :grin:  Can’t wait to read the book.

I am trying to learn decentralized Proposal Creation.
The team creation and sensing for Risks early is great idea.
Will try to incorporate these in the experiments we do

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Was a really interesting event!

Unfortunately it was not possible to download the forms/work templates in different languages (not permitted). Is it possible to get this templates? 

I have had the book since last year and now use the templates regularly, but I have not yet managed to get the German templates.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hi all,


Thank you for your comments  :heart_eyes:  And thank you for joining yesterday. I will ask @Stefano Mastrogiacomo for the resources and will keep you posted!

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Hello. thank you all for joining the event!

The international versions of the templates can be downloaded here:


@Peter Schwöbel 

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@Stefano Mastrogiacomo, thanks a lot, got it! :pray_tone1:

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Thank you again @Stefano Mastrogiacomo for such a wonderful session!

For those who couldn’t attend the session, please find the recording here :heart_eyes:

Attached is the PDF of the Team Contract we co-created at the session!


Enjoy :relieved: