The app panel does not appear to the other users of my team when I am collaborating in real time with them.

  • 24 May 2023
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When several users are in the same board, they not see the left-side panel where the app is running. They can use the app independently, but it does not show them what the administrator is doing at the moment in his panel.For example, if I'm inserting a word into wordle app , they don't see the word that i am writting ,and they can´t insert a word. But if i add a sticky note they inmediately see it on the board and they can edit it.

administrator :

In the screenshot , both users are at the same time in the same board. Both see the board, but only one the panel app.The panel where the app that I have developed is running does not allow me to share it in real time with the other team members.


My question is: is there any possibility that the panel where the app is running can be shared just like the board is shared?

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Hi @NataliMaRis.

Thanks for raising this, and you ask a great question. To confirm, at the moment apps don’t support this kind of collaborative environment, though it’s something we are exploring!

Currently, the exposure of the app panel is managed on an individual user level. But the actions that an app can perform on a board would be visible to all users on the board (e.g., creating a sticky). 

It’s a great feature request, though, and will be happy to share this feedback with our team.