Error : Something went wrong while trying to create temporary board for anonymous users

  • 9 June 2021
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Hello community,


I’m a beginner and trying to embed a whiteboard in my website via “Temporary boards for anonymous users” approach


I have added a button and on that button, I have added click event listener. That event listener will initialise the board picker(same steps mentioned in documentation).


When I click that button, boards picker opens in new window and offers 2 options : 1) Sign In 2) Create Board


When I click create board, It displays alert : “SOMETHING WENT WRONG”


May be I’m making some mistake while generating JWT token. Here is the way I generate a token(in python back-end) : - 


def generate_token(request):

client_id = 'MY_CLIENT_ID'

secret = ‘MY_SECRET’

token = jwt.encode({"iss" : client_id}, secret , algorithm="HS256")

return Response({"token" : token})


Here is the click event listener which initialise the boardsPicker:


const onClick = function () {


clientId: "MY_CLIENT_ID", // 1) Put your 'clientId' here.

action: "access-link",

allowCreateAnonymousBoards: true, //2) Enable this option

getToken: () => getTokenFromServer(), // Provide token in async way

success: (data) => {

console.log("on success");


document.querySelector("#container").innerHTML = data.embedHtml;


error: (e) => {

console.log("on error", e);


cancel: () => {

console.log("on cancel");



// windowRef: windowRef,




Here is the implementation of getTokenFromServer() method: 


function getTokenFromServer() {

//Get JWT token from your server. Read more about JWT

return fetch("http://localhost:8000/getToken/")

.then((response) => response.json())

.then((data) => {


return data.token;




Please guide me, what am I doing wrong?


Thanks in Advance!

2 replies

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Hi Boris,

I have sent my client-id to you in private message.

I didn’t get any explicit response from MIRO  that temporary boards are available for me.  Board picker works fine when I am logged in and allow me to select or create board. That’s why I thought that I would be able to use this feature. But as a guest user, it is showing error as mentioned in question.

Here is the screenshot of error I get when I click on “Create Board” 


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Hi Soham!

Everything looks, no obvious things to be fixed.

Some questions:

  1. Could you please share your client_id (can use DM for that)?
  2. Could you also say, if you got explicit response from Miro that temporary boards are enabled for you? 
  3. Could you share a screenshot of the error window you get?