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  • 28 October 2022
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A small question that probably doesn't have a solution yet. Is there way to get around the scaling parameters for the connection lines feature? I want to make my lines thicker in appearance because of the scales that I am working within my Miro Board. Subsequently my connection lines are thin in appearance even when set to the maximum thickness.


Best answer by Max Harper 28 October 2022, 18:32

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2 replies

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@Maximilian Hallett 
There is unfortunately no workaround for this. Its a real problem for anyone really working extensively with lines on larger/more-detailed than basic system diagrams, processes, etc.  I keep thinking that Miro will make a simple adjustment and allow a few more thicknesses ( they added the crows foot ERD notation linecaps recently…) , but alas, none yet.

Perhaps this is a wishlist entry we can rally around for this cause?

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That would be great. In my utopian Miro world It should allow you to adopt the scaling like for Text