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  • 28 October 2022
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A small question that probably doesn't have a solution yet. Is there way to get around the scaling parameters for the connection lines feature? I want to make my lines thicker in appearance because of the scales that I am working within my Miro Board. Subsequently my connection lines are thin in appearance even when set to the maximum thickness.


Best answer by Max Harper 28 October 2022, 18:32

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3 replies

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That would be great. In my utopian Miro world It should allow you to adopt the scaling like for Text




I have a similar issue to above. The connector lines (on quite a detailed customer journey flow) are already set to maximum thickness, but they are so thin its very hard to see them unless zoomed in.

Does anyone know whether there is actually a fix for this (e.g. Zoom settings) please?



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@Maximilian Hallett 
There is unfortunately no workaround for this. Its a real problem for anyone really working extensively with lines on larger/more-detailed than basic system diagrams, processes, etc.  I keep thinking that Miro will make a simple adjustment and allow a few more thicknesses ( they added the crows foot ERD notation linecaps recently…) , but alas, none yet.

Perhaps this is a wishlist entry we can rally around for this cause?