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  • 7 September 2022
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Welcome my name is Oskar and I am 18. I am writing to yours company because I have a big request. I would like to use your application to my inside game database. My idea is to use that to play Roleplay in Minecraft. I want create labels for every single players and capture information about his:
past, crimes and things like that. Is only one obstackle on my way. I don't have access to Audit Logs. This is the most important thing for me because database must be public for people with my fraction. Without access to log it is opportunity that someone delete important information and the game will be over. So my question is. Is it any opportunity to get the access for free or low fee?
It is small server for max 20 people. If you could help me I will be very gratefull.

Im really sory for my eanglish. Gretings Oskar 

1 reply

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Hey @tajnygracz,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and really cool idea! It’s great to hear you’re interested in using Miro for your game. 😀

Can I ask what kind of information/data you’re trying to track in Miro? The reason I ask is because our Audit Log API is intended for large Enterprise companies, and so it requires an Enterprise subscription. I’m afraid there’s not currently a way for us to provide this access without that type of subscription.

However, there could potentially be workarounds using other APIs, if you’re able to share some more specific details on what type of information/data specifically you’re looking to track!