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  • 17 January 2022
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Hi, recently I posted another topic about pricing but, I forgot to confirm few conditions then.

  1. Could we still use Miro BoardsPicker  (Editable boards for not registered users) without a cost, even when our company’s app is not free.
  2. To Enable Anyone with link can edit (no sign-in required), Which plan do we have to subscribe to?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

4 replies

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@Sho - To allow non-team/non-registered users to edit boards, you would need to use the Visitors (“Anyone with the link”) access:



Without knowing anything about your team, I would suggest that you would would want to use the Team Plan or Consultant Plan - both would allow for access to the Visitors feature. The Consultant Plan would give additional functionality of being able to add a registered Miro account user to your board as an editor - this is the Guests feature.

For more on these plans, check out the following links:

Note: You can either Upgrade your currently Free Plan to a paid plan, or you can choose to add a new team:



Hi Robert.

Thank you for the clear explanation!

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Hi @Sho,

  1. Short answer yes. Keep in mind that the boards that are created for anonymous users are automatically deleted after 24 hours. 
  2. I believe you mean for Miro product right? You can find more information here.


Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the response.

(1) Understood.

(2) What I want to achieve is to allow Anyone with the link to edit the Board.

When I try to change the setting, it says I have to upgrade the plan.

So, which plan exactly I have to upgrade with ? (Image Attached)