LTI integration with a LMS

  • 18 June 2020
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Hello, has anyone integrated MIRO with a learning management system so MIRO whiteboards can be used within a learning management system?



1 reply

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 @esen Gauging from the lack of response so far, It doesn’t seem anyone has done this yet or is eagerly ‘public’ about it. 

The good news is that its entirely possible: editable boards can be embedded into other tools, like, Atlassian’s Jira, or AirTable, for example.

Maybe you saw it already, But for anyone else reading, here’s the link to the ‘embed’ documentation:


Once embedded, its my understanding that you’d be able to use it as if you were right there in the board itself.  I tested this out in Air Table and it worked well. But, it immediately begs for the next degree of app-to-app integration- beyond just embedding for manual entry and whiteboard note taking.

So, if you wanted that next level of integration- data or events/responses working across the two interfaces- say, click a button in Jira, and have a selection of Jira data get suddenly visualized in your Miro board - then you’d need to work the API’s on either end.  


Here’s an API doc link for Google Classroom.


I know this is kinda general and doesn’t really answer your question… but I thought its useful to let Miro community know that “ITS POSSIBLE”  :)