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  • 8 October 2021
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This is the picture of the fishbone template:

How is intended to use this diagram (the template documentation only provides general guidelines about the process but not about how to use the template),  do you have some video where to see how it works?

Per picture, I would expect people go a write possible causes for each area? I don’t see how it could work collaboratively. 

I would think better to ask people to provide sticky notes for each area, and then to try to find the biggest root cause per area, eliminating duplicated, etc.

Thanks for any help or advise,




5 replies

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@David Leal -

I believe this template is well suited for situations where the problem statement is well defined as well as the categories for the ribs, so the focus of the collaborators is on brainstorming potential root causes. 

You’d likely want a separate brainstorming frame for the problem statement.


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Thanks @Kiron Bondale for your response, I am trying to find some template for running SAFe Problem Solving Workshop. Where we have a problem (previously defined using some brainstorm technique) and then we try to find the possible root causes and restate the problem based on the most relevant root cause. Asking for the 5 Whys to find it, etc.. I see this as a collaborative effort, so what I had in mind is that each team member will start creating a sticky notes, then deduplicates, asking whys for finding additional possible root cause, etc. Until we can find the most relevant root causes and restate the problem. 

I am trying to figure out how to use this template for the problem defined before. If you have some other template suggestion, that would be great.



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@David Leal :

I like the function of this template BUT there is a real downside:

If you want to add branches fast or drag them to other points or want to change your design your really faster with:

Believe me:

I hate to say this - but something you can do with miro isn’t faster or better only because you can do this in miro.
Sometimes it’s better to use other tools to get faster to your result … and sometimes you can implement your result via the iframe function

So there are a lot of fuctions of other tools that are easy to implement with this function and it’s still working in your miro board.

Just try it.

Wish you all the best in implementing it into your miro board :thumbsup:


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@mlanders this feature is really cool, and very user friendly, but it is not free, I am testing now Miro so I will rather focus on that, you know when you work for a company buying software requires a long approval process. We use for drawing integrated with Jira. What you suggested is a tool for drawing cool diagram, but I am not sure it is intended for building collaborative diagrams in a live session. Thank for your tip.

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@David Leal :

If you look at their website they also offering collaboration:

just scroll a bit and you’ll find it.

@mironeers: It would be cool if we got something to implement their diagramming into miro - f.e. something in our marketplace - a combination of both tools would make so much sense - Maybe some of miro programmers could develope something …

@Max Harper : This would be a nice thing to have … as addition (my last mail …:wink: