Are you a Miro coach or offer Miro facilitation services?

  • 7 April 2021
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I am an independent consultant currently planning a workshop with ca. 100 participants.

We will use Miro for facilitation during the workshop. I am looking for live advice/coaching on how to use Miro effectively with large group workshops.

I would also be interested to hire someone who can co-facilitate workshops from a Miro functionality perspective. The only expertise needed is guiding participants through Miro functionality, no other subject matter expertise needed. 

Are you interested in this type of gig work or know someone who might be? 

2 replies

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Hi @Carsten Tams,


I’ve been using MIro for over 3 years now (Realtime Board shoutout!) and I have designed and facilitated several Miro workshops and activities. As a North American User Group leader for Miro, I help to design and run a monthly workshop where Miro users can showcase their skillsets and passion for Miro, and this has given me a wide variety of exposure to methods, tricks, and key elements of a successful workshop/event. I have used this information to provide a few submissions into the Miroverse, and my consulting business now completely relies on Miro to collaborate and deliver my Lean products and services to clients.


Please DM me if you would like to discuss this further, and feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn as well -

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@Carsten Tams - You’d be in good hands with @Jonathan White!