Video Chat didn't work

  • 24 November 2022
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yesterday we discovered participants of the workshops couldn't join the video chat. Do you know how to fix it?

5 replies

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@monika_sy - For starters, I would suggest having them all go through the following help center article in detail:

We had the same issue yesterday: participants to a workshop couldn’t join the video chat.

People connected from everywhere (office, home, other countries).

The issue was erratic. At times, joining video chat was possible. The same people, with same systems, on the same network, couldn’t join later.

Whenever it was impossible to join, settings bar for video chat didn’t appear at all in the interface.

Apparently, no reset/relaunch procedure could reliably fix the issue (i.e, force reloads, quitting Miro and restarting, changing board, toggling app and browser, restarting the computer—nothing worked).

@Lucio Bragagnolo do you know if there is any miro helpdesk chat or contact we can ask to solve it?

@monika_sy I was told that the bug is known, but a new video feature is in the works (no ETA at the moment), so developers aren’t working to fix the current bug, nor they will in the foreseeable future. The workaround is to do audio and video conferencing on another platform while collaborating in Miro.

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@monika_sy - For future reference, paid plan subscribers can open a Miro support ticket by following these steps: