[RESOLVED] Links disappeared from boards

  • 30 November 2020
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@Matthias Those three test worked just fine.  For me it appears to be limited to using the link to menu option.

@Mike Guiler  Would be interesting to see if other types of links also disappear:

  1. Try dropping a URL of a video 
  2. Add a link in the Notes panel
  3. Add a link / URL in a comment


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It’s worth noting that it doesn’t matter if it’s an internal or external link.  They both work and then disappear reopening the board.

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@Matthias When I close my test board and then reopen it I get this.


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@Matthias Here’s the first image.  I created a new test board, added a sticky, and updated the link.  I can even click on this link and it opens up another board in my project.


@Yuki Takanami  + @Mike Guiler Can you share a screenshot?


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Hello Yuki,

I too have just encountered this issue.  Whenever I create a link on an object (sticky, text, or shape) the link works fine but disappears after closing and reopening the board.  I’m a paying client of Miro so the issue isn’t just limited to your free license.  I’ve opened a ticket with Miro so we’ll see what they say.