My Macbook Pro crashes when I’m working in Miro

  • 25 February 2021
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I teach a remote class, we use Zoom and Miro to collaborate. Whenever I open Miro during class it will inevitably crash, a black screen pops up with white warning text in several languages, and then my computer will shut down briefly.

It only seems to happen when I’m using Zoom and Miro at the same time. It never happens to any of my students who also use both Zoom and Miro.

My laptop is using Big Sur 11.1 OS, 16G memory and 1536MB VRAM

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

1 reply

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@Allison Reeves I’m using Miro on a Mac extensively although this has never happened to me before. Quick check, are you using Miro on a browser or on the Miro Mac app?

If it’s the app, try reseting your application data (if it allows you to do that before it crashes.) Otherwise, reinstall and try again?