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I was working with a student and suddenly his toolbar vanished somehow.  He nor his mom could find it.  It was embarrassing because I had raved about the site and they spent a bit of time setting up the account and getting it up and running.  I could see my toolbar on the left side but his was missing.  It worked at first.  Is there a setting on his end that he accidentally hid it or did it erase.  He could type by clicking on the screen and clicking on the T.  But I really needed him to be able to write with the pencil. Any advice?

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@RJ DeGrendel -

Is there any chance he would have been shifted over to view-only mode for the board he was on? You are able to move tools from the left toolbar back into the “...” pop-up tray but the cursor icon should always remain in the left toolbar.


My left hand tool bar is disappearing too. If I shut down Miro and reopen it I can see it briefly, but after a minute it just vanishes! Same issue across my boards. I also notice I can no longer edit the board name or image.


Currently causing enough issues that I can’t use the platform!

I have the same problem like Joanna. After a minute or so the toolbar disappears and I can’t edit anything on the board. Yesterday everything was working normally

Yes me too, no issues until today. Perhaps it’s an update bug, I’ll log a support ticket.

I have the same issue, yesterday I used, and it was working well. 

Same here.  Working OK earlier this morning, just relanched Miro and now the toolbar vanishes after a few seconds.

Is it any better now? Mine has stayed for the past 10 minutes.

Joanna mine has stayed 5 minutes now. This is better than the last one, only 30 seconds.

I switched to the browser version which worked fine. Just restarted the App and it seems to be running again here.

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Hi everyone,

I’m so sorry you all experienced this issue :(

The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to reach out to the Support team directly, thus they can investigate your case.

I just had this problem for the first time, too @Marina. I just signed up for the Team Plan and I have a board with 4 guest editors. Two of them have had their toolbar disappear today as well as a random white flashing screen that happens occasionally. I contacted the Support team with this issue. Really hope there can be a fix! I am leaning on Miro a lot right now...

Is there a chance I’m doing too much on Miro? My team is working via ipads in the field and I am watching from the desktop app...These are small (150kb) .pdfs that they are marking up in the field. 

I’m runnig into the same issue over and over agian. I downloaded the latest x64 version expecting better performance and stability. Surprisingly enough, the desktop version is inferior to it’s online counterpart. C’mon Miro. You can do better than that!:fist_tone1:


we use to work with Tables (Free Version of Miro). Each cell can have a few lines. none of the users can edit any single entry in a cell since yesterday. before we were able to mark i.e. a single word in “green” or change a single word into italics.

right now we can edit the whole cell as ususal. if we want to highlight parts of one cell, we have only a small part of the tool bar, just showing “edit”. but nothing can be done with it anymore, no tool bar is poping up as before.

tried it with a several browsers, cleared the cache, copied the board and set a new up. nothing helped.


any idea what can be done here?