Migrating Team from Free to Enterprise Plan

  • 24 June 2021
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At present I am using a free plan for Miro with my Corporate email ID as a registered user… recently my Company allocated license for me and my Team. around 15+ users.. all the users are also using the free version of Miro with their respective corporate email IDS..


how do I migrate my team including me to Enterprise Plan with same registered email?

2 replies



I have the same issue in the that a number of our company staff were using Miro with the company email address and a free account, but I have signed up to a Business plan and now need to integrate/migrate the individual personal/free users across with their data.

The plan is that we will enable SSO so that access to the Team is managed within the company.

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@Kshirsagar, Amol Ashok - Seeing as paid plans have email support and SSO is involved, I have converted this post to a Miro support ticket - you should received an email confirmation shortly.